- Computer calculated speed ratings for every UK and Irish flat race. To assist handicapping, these speed figures are converted to the official UK handicapping scale. This allows you to see if a horse is well handicapped, or needs to drop a few pounds. For the obvious advantages, consider the following two scenarios.

Scenario 1

When an unexposed horse is having his first run in a handicap, it is often very difficult to assess how fair the handicap mark they have been allocated is. It often involves trawling through a lot of form to find out how the horses that have finished around him have gone on to perform, and the marks they have won off. However, using our speed ratings we can form an instant opinion on whether the mark is fair or not. For example, if a horse has run speed figures of 71,78 and 84 on his first three runs, any handicap mark below 84 would be eyecatching. Indeed it is often the case where we expect to see a horse rated into the 80's on his first handicap start, and instead he gets in off a rating in the mid 70's, giving an excellent betting opportunity.

Scenario 2

When more exposed horses are competing, again it can be extremely time consuming to go through and analyse a 16 runner handicap trying to decipher which horses are well in. With our racecards, this can be done much more efficiently by using the speed figures. With our easy to compare OR (Official Rating) and SR (Speed Rating) columns, it's quick and easy to see which horses have been running better figures than their current mark, and are therefore still ahead of the handicapper. Once the well in horses have been identified, our odds line or statistics can then help you narrow down your shortlist to find the best bet in the race.

- A tested statistical based prediction model based on over 50 factors. The findings of this statistical model are then converted into value odds which helps you identify which horses are worth backing. For example, it is not hugely uncommon to see our model expect a horse to be 2/1, and the horse goes on to win at odds of well over 5/1. The model takes into account factors such as:

- Race Class

- Race Distance

- Going

- Trainer Form - track and current

- Speed Ratings on different goings

- Horse's record at this time of year, on this going, over this distance etc

- Plus many more

- Detailed Statistics which allow you to explore more into a particular horse, trainer, jockey or sire. A quick click on the trainer for example will bring up a number of statistics such as his current strike rate, yearly strike rate, track strike rate, debutant strike rate, layoff strike rate and trainer/jockey combination strike rate. This allows you to see how well the trainer is performing and how well the trainer does with a particular type of horse. The same plethora of statistics is available for horses, jockeys and sires. 

- Pace Ratings which allow you to analyse whether the race is set up to suit the horse you intend on backing. It is also important to note that the pace ratings alone can often predict a value bet. With our display and sort features, it is easy to identify if a horse is likely to get an easy lead in the race, which naturally improves his chances. Alternatively, if there looks to be 4 or 5 front runners, it is fair to predict that they will take each other on and likely set up the race for a finisher. 

- Regular Blog which will highlight potential bets, useful statistics and potential future angles which are developing.

- Free bets and bookmaker offers

- Exclusive reports for subscribers analysing profitable angles