Racecard Screen


The racecard screen is the crux of the UK Racing Form past performance screen. From here, all the basic information about each runner can be seen. Each column is explained below:

 20 00 Newmarket

# - The number of the horse.

Horse – The name of the horse

H% - The horse’s lifetime race record. Shown first is the percentage strike rate, then the number of wins/runs.

Draw – The stall which the horse comes out of.

Pace – UKRF’s unique pace figures, which suggests the likely pace setup of the race and which horse is likely to lead. Examples of how this can be used can be found here.

Lbs – The amount of weight the horse is carrying, expressed in lbs. There are 14 lbs in a stone.

OR – The official rating given by the handicapper.

AVG – The average speed rating run by the horse over these conditions.

RCNT – The recent speed rating of the runner weighted towards the more recent runs

Jockey – The jockey riding the horse

J%- The jockey's percentage strike rate

Trainer - The trainer

T% - - The trainer's percentage strike rate.

BF – The Betfair odds from the morning prices

VALUE – UKRF’s Value Odds calculated using our unique formula. These are easily comparable with the Betfair odds to see which runners are of particular value.


Each of the columns are sortable, which has a number of advantages. For example in a large handicap it is often key to identify where the pace is going to come from. With our racecard page, this can easily be done by sorting the draw column. It is then easy to see, at a glance, whether the pace is going to be high, middle, or whether there is pace spread across the track.


If you are looking to sort by UKRF’s Value Odds, this enables you to see the horse UKRF identifies as the favourite, and which horse’s UKRF identify as value bets. For those looking at a quick method of choosing selections for the day, this is proven method that will yield consistent results. As a subscriber, you will also get free access to the blog which will give selections based on a combination of form study and UKRF’s predictor model. On


Past Performances

Once a horse has been selected, the screen below the racecard screen will change to show the horse's performance history. This is where research can be done into the horse's previous races. We have laid out this section of the screen in an easy to use format, incorporating our speed ratings next to the Official Ratings. This allows you to see if a horse is progressing, or if a horse is looking well handicapped based on previous performances. An example of the screen is shown below:


Thirsk 1

 As with the racecard screen, all of the columns are sortable. Therefore, if you need to analyse a horse's performances on different types of going, it just takes 1 click of a button to sort their past performances by the going.


Further examples of how the ratings can be used can be seen on our Examples page.