Who are we ?

We are a group of enthusiastic horse racing professionals with an avid interest in speed figures and handicapping. Many years of knowledge and research has gone into the making of our own predicted speed ratings and predicted value odds model. Many racing professionals and experts are of the belief that speed ratings are less useful on the UK racing scene than they are across in the USA. However, whilst our tracks do have more undulations, we believe our speed figures can help you accurately predict how well any given horse is going to perform in comparison to his rivals.

We don't, however, expect any individual to rely purely on speed figures due to the number of factors that can influence any given race such as pace, track conditions & trainer form. For this reason, we have also built into our racecards feature a pace guide, which gives a numerical value to a horse's running style. Additionally, we have our predictive odds-line which takes into consideration trainer form, going, jockey form, horse form and a number of other factors which can affect how a race will turn out.